Posidon Hellas

Posted: 16 June, 2010 by Fairlane in paintjob, ugly
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Posidon Hellas

IMO: 8966963

Build: 1998 by ???, Kanellos in Greece, as Milissios II

So, I’ll admit, due to my summer adventures I’ve fallen a little bit behind, so I’m trying to achieve a bit of a catch-up. We’ll see how that goes.

Anyways, to the ship:

What’s wrong with this ferry? Really, at first I didn’t see anything. I mean, sure, she’s a little bananafied and has a few odd angles, but what ship doesn’t have a couple of minor eccentricities to add character?

Well, the fact is, she may be a rare case of a ship where the paint job actually works to better her appearance. In dark blue, her unsightly characteristic only becomes noticeable when she opens her maw.

It’s all a sham! Her dark blue livery hides the nose that’s straight across flat. At first glace, I had no idea, but looking into her history, her older schemes did a much worse job at disguising this blemish.

Truly, I deem the Posidon Hellas to be a master of disguise. But, like a Scooby Doo villain, with the mask removed, her true identity as an OUS is revealed.

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