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IMO: 8206533

Build: 1983 by CNP Freire, Vigo in Spain, nr 214 as Silverstone

Just when you thought there couldn’t be an uglier car carrier. It seemed like that due to their horrible designs, every single hideous one had been sought out and roasted. (more…)

Norwegian Epic : NEWSFLASH!!

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Picture by Henk van der Heijden via

Norwegian Epic : NEWSFLASH!!

The Norwegian Epic, already known & disgusted here on this site, has been let loose by her builders, she is now actually sailing the seas. And where did she go first? Rotterdam……well, thank you very much for (more…)

IBN Batouta

Posted: 19 June, 2010 by SeaBart in paintjob, ugly
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IBN Batouta

IMO :  7813949

Build : 1980 by Harland & Wolff – Belfast in Northern Ireland, UK, nr 1716 as St Christopher

Ugly English Channel ferries…..they keep coming back like Tina Turner out of her retirement for another concert, every time you think the last one has been seen another (more…)