IBN Batouta

Posted: 19 June, 2010 by SeaBart in paintjob, ugly
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IBN Batouta

IMO :  7813949

Build : 1980 by Harland & Wolff – Belfast in Northern Ireland, UK, nr 1716 as St Christopher

Ugly English Channel ferries…..they keep coming back like Tina Turner out of her retirement for another concert, every time you think the last one has been seen another one turns up. Now we have the IBN Batouta to worry about, when will it ever stop?

Just look at the side of her…..the line of the gunwhale goes up & down like a random road in the English Lake District, it never ends! And although I could live with the looks of the forward part of the accommodation and the bridge I think the stern part looks totally ridiculous. Which is partly explained by the later modifications done to that part, please see below 2 pictures for a “before” and “after” comparison.

Before :

Picture by Fotoflite, from the Roy Thornton Collection, via http://www.doverferryphotos.co.uk

After :

Yup…ruined looks!

The next picture will show another 2 awful things: first there is the paintjob with a blue-ed bow & stern, I have no idea why they did it but it looks like the vessel has been punched on the nose by a professional free-fighter. Second is the funnels, she has them like this from the moment she was launched and I guess somebody interpreted the drawing the wrong way as they look the wrong way around to me.

All and all another prime example of a typical ugly English Channel Ferry, ugly till the last moment.


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