Norwegian Epic : NEWSFLASH!!

Posted: 19 June, 2010 by SeaBart in monster, paintjob, ugly
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Picture by Henk van der Heijden via

Norwegian Epic : NEWSFLASH!!

The Norwegian Epic, already known & disgusted here on this site, has been let loose by her builders, she is now actually sailing the seas. And where did she go first? Rotterdam……well, thank you very much for honoring us with the first nightmare inducing arrival of what is going to be a too long lifetime.

Picture by Jack Bouman via

Finally we can see her in all her “Glory”, showing off the useless & frivolous scribbles on the bow, the blacked-out block on top of her bridge, the gigantic sides, rising up like the white Cliffs of Dover and having a more than eery resemblance to the giant gray appartmentblocks build in the former Communist states during the Cold War.

Picture by Henk van der Heijden via

The inhabitants of the Netherlands & Rotterdam especially will be the guinea pigs for measuring the shock & trauma resulting from the unaware viewing of this monstrosity. She will be back on monday for another experiment although I’m pretty sure the moguls of the parent cruisecompany won’t give much about the results from these tests……….

Picture by Jack Bouman via

Anyway: if you are brave enough to go and have a look at this megalomaniac vessel: see is moored in Rotterdam @ the cruise terminal, please see here for a day-to-day schedule of her next port of calls. Or try to flee away from the ports she will visit.

Thanx to for giving us the warning of her arrival and providing the above pictures.

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  2. tom says:

    shut up Uglyships!

  3. Joy says:

    I’d like to see her converted to a livestock carrier when she’s finished with the human cargo.

  4. roger says:

    You know what this website is the biggest waste of internet space I have ever seen… Bunch of hatters!!! Bet you the worst day on Epic would beat reading all this bulls**t yall got on here lol lol lol lol!!!! Already booked on Epic baby!!!

  5. SeaBart says:

    And you have just taken up even more waste of Internet space….Welcome!
    Have fun playing Lemmings on the N. Epic!

  6. roger says:

    Playing what??? Is that what you do on vacation huh….. Guess you know more about games cause you sure dont know squat about ships!!!!

  7. SeaBart says:

    Yeah sure mate: I know absolutely nothing about ships! ;-D

    And I wasn’t referring to playing a game……………

  8. roger says:

    Whatever mate!!! You all want to bash on the Epic… and im here to defend it!!! Even tho cruising on her alone will speak for itself. Sure she might not be the prettiest girl at the party but when you take her home…. ooooo weeeee lol lol lol

  9. Maja says:

    I have to agree with Uglyships…she definately is one ugly thing. A floating soviet appartment block…it looks like no ship designers were involved, but just building designers…and the painting on the hull doesn’t make her look any better…

  10. Mimi says:

    who cares about the outside? The inside rooms are beautiful. I hope she leaves out of NY at some point.

  11. Youranidot says:

    What a wast of freaking time this website is…get a life.

  12. SeaBart says:

    Thank you for you most considerate & appreciated comment. Hope you get a life as well.

  13. ILOVENCL says:

    You guys a such losers that run this site!!!!! Obviously can’t afford to go on the luxurious epic so you have to trash it! I agree! get a life and start running a useful website!

  14. QM says:

    As a regular cruiser to me the outside of a ship is important. The Norwegian Epic is indeed the ugliest of the big cruisers. I would never board that monster. So top-heavy I wouldnt want to see it in foul weather. And seen from the rear it makes me want to throw up. I wish this thing would have sunk instead of the pretty Costa Concordia.

    And, btw, Norwegian´s tacky bow art “adorning” the whole fleet is awful too. Looks like a supermarket bag-designer created them.

  15. Michael says:

    This ship is ugly and looks top heavy. Also, the lifeboats should be positioned inside the deck of the ship, not hanging on the outside. Almost looks like a giant white brick from a distance.

  16. Kevin Norris says:

    A giant white brick is what most modern cruise ships look like today. A lot of them might look half decent with a little contrast of colors. Nothing but a rebuild of the entire superstructure would even have a chance of saving the Epic though. Hope she never ends up on the San Diego-Mexico run.

  17. Gary Oak says:

    Anyways, the Norweigan Epic is SO ugly! Like what’s up with that stupid blacked out block atop the bridge! also the paint job sucks!

  18. Eric says:

    The Epic is tacky and ugly. It looks like a strip all or cheap hotel floating on a barge. It should make its guests feel like cattle. Compared to ships built in the late 1980s and 90s like Crown and Regal Princess and Oriana, this is a mass-market mess. Its marketed to people who are clueless with no reference for comparison.

  19. boldthefox says:

    ILOVENCL, You REALLY screwed up! If you don’t like this site, then why are you here! Get out of here ILOVENCL loser!

  20. KoolGuy8039 says:

    @boldthefox I agree. I don’t understand why people click on things they know they’re not gonna like.

  21. KoolGuy8039 says:

    I’m pretty sure tom, roger, Youranidot and ILOVENCL are all the same person.

  22. Boy, some of these commenters have gotten really triggered over some dude calling their favorite cruise ship “ugly”. Guys, it’s just an opinion. Get over it.

  23. I’m surprised to see how many people got angry over this post. This is just this guy’s opinion. If you think the Norwegian Epic looks good, that’s totally okay. But we are allowed to think otherwise.

    And yes, I agree that tom, roger, Youranidot and ILOVENCL are all probably the same person.

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