Posted: 19 June, 2010 by Fairlane in ugly
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IMO: 8206533

Build: 1983 by CNP Freire, Vigo in Spain, nr 214 as Silverstone

Just when you thought there couldn’t be an uglier car carrier. It seemed like that due to their horrible designs, every single hideous one had been sought out and roasted.

Then another ugly one sails into view.

To boot, this one’s been moonlighting as an OUS for nearly thirty years. Maybe it’s the little horns up front, she was designed with mischief in her mind.

I mean, for what other reason would she do this:

Of course, she has plenty of other ugly features, liked her toned rear end:

Now she just needs to trim off the excess elsewhere on her hull. Then she might not look as bad.

Then there are her funnels, with the whole built in the wrong direction thing going on. It’s exaggerated enough in her case where they almost appear to be falling forward. They kind of look like fangs, too. Unfortunately, she’s pretty mature. I’d assume we can count on them not being baby teeth and falling out.

Unfortunately I can’t find any older pictures of her in her prime. We can’t really tell if the awfulness is a developed flaw, or a permanent characteristic. I’m going for the latter.


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