DMT Sapphire

Posted: 22 June, 2010 by SeaBart in paintjob
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DMT Sapphire

IMO : 9264518

Build : 2002 by Bender Shipbuilding & Repair – Mobile, AL in the USA, nr ?? as Kelly Ann Candies

DMT stands for Deep Marine Technologies and they had the good taste to name their vessels (they have 3) after gemstones. You can never go wrong with gemstones as names: pretty, sparkly & everybody love them, makes neutral names as well. Unfortunately they employed somebody who didn’t have that good taste to make a decision on the paintjob of the vessels. And they ended up with what you see in the above picture.  Oh dear….not a gemstone then. It does stand out in the crowd, indeed. (un)Fortunately I can’t seem to find any more clear pictures of this vessel….but no stress: there are 2 more vessels in the DMT fleet.

There is the DMT Diamond (IMO : 9225495) which features the same ghastly paintjob.

And the last one: the DMT Emerald (IMO : 9400693) whose paintjob is the least ugly of all 3, as seen below:

Apparently the company went into liquidation so the “standing out from the crowd”-paintjob did really work. So that’s another “good” idea disappeared from this world.



  1. MP says:

    I worked on the DMT Diamond for a couple years as an ROV Sup. By far the most enjoyable boat and crew I have worked on to date. The boat was setup very well for the ROV (Work Shops and Control Room). Still today one of the coolest paint jobs for a FSV.

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