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Fundy Paradise

IMO : 7041429

Build : 1971 by Port Weller DD – St Catherines, Canada, nr 54 as Thomas Haviland

Can you think of a more inappropriate name for a ugly ferry like the one above, now rotting away at an old wooden wharf which also already collapsed? Fundy Paradise does come up at the top of that list but her ex-name is even more inappropriate: Vacationland. Woohaaa…..talking about misnaming!

Picture by Normand Daneau via

Even in the prime of her life I can not imagine her looking so inviting & glorious that people would refer to her as “a vacation”, who thought that name up? Whats behind it?

Picture by Normand Daneau via

Here she is in her heydays, not much different looking from the pictures above though.

Picture via

And you know what? There is a sistership as well:  the Holyday Island (IMO 7041431).

Picture via

Same ugly design, same strange name. Must be contagious.

(just a thought: they both look a bit like descendants of the Abegweit)

Martin L. from send me below picture which shows 3 vessels, 2 of them are already deemed ugly, the above featured Fundy Paradise and the Farley Mowat (IMO : 5172602) and the CCGS Louis S. St-Laurent ( IMO : 6705937), which might be one as well.

Dunno source, via email

Thanks a lot Martin! Dieselduck is a great site!

BTW, there was a earlier Vacationland (IMO ??), built in 1952….slightly less ugly, please see below. I think that one will be featured here one day as well.

Dunno source, via the Interwebs



  1. Ayla says:

    That last nicely painted white “Vacationland” was newly in service in Michigan at the Straits of Mackinaw as a Car Ferry, it was double-ended. We would drive in one end, ride across the Straits, then drive out the other end. It was replaced by the Mackinac Bridge. It changed hands a few times afterward. In the end, this Ferry was to be sent to China for scrap..but the Vacationland sank about 100 miles of the coast of Canada (thank goodness). We in Michigan loved her.

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