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Posted: 27 June, 2010 by SeaBart in special
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Follow Me

In the Maritime International Code of Signals the combination of above 2 flags mean “Follow in my wake”.¬† Although it is not much used anymore.

A bit oldy (and maybe even moldy) joke made in the world of towing & tugboats is painting “Follow Me” on or close by the towing bit of the vessel……like below on the Finnish tug Zeus (IMO 9130729).

Picture by SeaBart

I can’t help smiling everytime I see it painted on a tug……..must be my bad sense of humor.

Anyway: somebody else thought it was a good joke as well, extrapolated it and brought it to a whole new level: they called the tug itself Follow Me (IMO 8980672), as can be seen on the pic below.

As you might understand: This totally cracked me up! Me, embarrassing?? Yup, I know……….

Neat little tug as well. Although I do hope they will eventually paint the name in a bit nicer way.

Quick Update :

On Tugsters request I had my crew (read myself) arrange for a suitable barge, see below:

And while looking for a barge to rename I found the below one on Tugspotters, it also has a very suitable name: T.O.W. II.

Picture by Walter Vercruysse, via

Update (27-06-2010) :

Today I found a recent picture of the tug Follow Me and I’m glad to say that they have had the time to give the vessel a full make-over, including the name on the bow. Looking very tidy now! The A-frame on the stern is a bit of a pity though.

Picture by Gerda & Frederik Plets, via


  1. tugster says:

    now we just have to find a barge that has “oh,lead me, lead me on” painted on the front. think you could manage to get one of your crew to put that paint on?? groetjes…

  2. seabart says:

    working on it!

  3. tugster says:

    and the T.O.W. II upper wheelhouse, wow! that takes the prize for being waaaay high up there. well done!

  4. […] of these fotos I purloined from Bart isn’t satisfactory, see it on Bart’s own post here. ¬†Doubleclick on his […]

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