Waterstraat (Updated)

Posted: 1 July, 2010 by SeaBart in ugly
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Picture by Willem Harlaar via http://www.tugspotters.com


IMO : 8985969

Build : 2004 by Yilmaz Gemi Tersanesi, Karadeniz Eregli, Turkey, nr 25 as Alemdar M

Remember the earlier posted article about the 2 tugs of Svitzer: the Svitzer Bison & the Svitzer Buffel?? NO?? ok, go have a look here! Well…here is a similar looking little tug!! Not really a sistership because she is build by a different shipyard but definitely the same ugliness!

PIcture by JanWillem Zijlema via www.tugspotters.com

PIcture by JanWillem Zijlema via http://www.tugspotters.com

Picture by J. Blitterswijk via www.tugspotters.com

Picture by J. Blitterswijk via http://www.tugspotters.com

You gotta love the oldfashioned steeringwheel though!!

More info & pics: find them HERE under the letter W for Waterman.

Update :

Apparently the owners changed the name of this little ugly tug to Waterstad, see below picture.


Picture by Frits Olinga via http://koopvaardij.web-log.nl

Update (27-06-2010) :

The owners of above criticized tug have made the wise decision of making her even more unattractive: they have put pushings bars on her…..

Clearly gone from bad to worse!

  1. tugster says:

    i love all EXCEPT the steering wheel . . . must be some traditional captain drives it.

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