Favourite Ship Names

Posted: 7 July, 2010 by SeaBart in special
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Favourite Ship Names

On a few occasions in the past I have given my opinion on the strange & funny names (here, here & here or click) given to vessels so I thought it to be time to inform you of some names that I actually like.

Above you see the Happy Buccaneer, not only the first vessel I ever went to sea on but also one of the most impressive & well build vessels I have ever worked on in my career. And I really like the name!


Get out of the way, Dominator is here…very good name for a vessel, shame about the bland looks of her though.


She is the ferry between the Isle of Mann and Heysham and her name means “Lady of my Heart” in Manx….I just love the sound of it.


No doubtingly named after the famous hard rock-band, She is already covered in this post. As for her name she is on par with the Battleax below.


The Genesis of this site, already discussed in various posts on this site (I, II & III) and in possession of, to my opinion, the best name ever for a tough-looking butch offshore vessel.

And some more interesting names to finish this post:

Recently in the news for her involvement in the BP Gulf of Mexico oilspill.

A Whale (IMO : 9424209)

An oiltanker converted to oil-pollution control vessel of epic proportions with a very appropriate name as she is also equipped with “gills” to suck up the oily water and separate the oil from the water after which the water is spit back into the sea, not unlike a real whale.

And I do love the funnel mark.

More info can be found here, here & here.

And then I recently stumbled upon a vessel which used to trade under this name:

Fliegerkosmonaut der D.D.R. Sigmund Jahn (IMO : 7824039)

She was named after the first and only cosmonaut of the former DDR: Sigmund Jahn. Nowadays she is simply called Loretta D, much easier to spell!

  1. Compare these names to those of some of the beautiful cruise ships; Diamond Princess; Enchantment of the Seas and Silver Whisper and you know instantly which you would take a cruise on and which you wouldn’t. It would be interesting to see what would happen if we swapped the cruise ship names with these names – would people still book. Interesting post – thanks

  2. Jay Perry says:

    Ben my chree was (the coastal steamer) was converted into a seaplane carrier and used for the first sea launched airstrike.

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