Jascon 30

Posted: 21 July, 2010 by SeaBart in ugly
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Dunno source, via the Interweb

Jascon 30

IMO : 9420655

Build : 2007 by Tongde Shipyard – Nantong in China, nr ??

We have seen the Jascon name here before, we saw the 27, the ex-5 and now we have here the 30…….original naming procedures going on there! And as you can see from the above pictures she not only has the same name but also the same ugliness.

The front of the accommodation looks like a giant trucks cowcatcher, in the mean time also slightly resembling an old fashion jail……..

or maybe a dog’s muzzle? Hannibal Lector also rings a bell……….

The rest of the accommodation-block is nothing fancy but a stack of decks each differing in size from the last one so it looks like it was just put together from stuff they had laying around.

Dunno source, via the Interweb

The aft of the vessel is a bit of a culture shock compared to the front. A complete factory has been imprisoned (hence the bars on the bow of the vessel) here to spit out hugh pipes and do other odd offshore jobs.

Anyway: in the end something came out that is shaped like a vessel, acts like a vessel but has no real resemblance to any vessel whatsoever.


  1. just me says:

    there are more of these vessels, and the numbering of them is very strange, I will have a look to see if I can find some more pictures

  2. an expat says:

    I work on the new vessel the Jascon 34 a clone of all the rest and is now on her way to South Africa. I worked on the Jascon 30 before transferring to the 34.

  3. SaltySam says:

    Strictly speaking, as they are barges they should not be ona site called uglyships.
    But … they float and they are truly ugly. Nice Huisman cranes, though.

  4. SeaBart says:

    If they float they are bait!

    And yes: you can never go wrong with Huisman cranes, best (mast)cranes I’ve ever worked with! Huisman Rulezzzzz!

  5. From what I hear about the accommodation standards of these vessels the offer would have to be quite spectacular.

  6. paul says:

    These are repair Vessels – which are owned by Seatrucks and not build for looks- but for the ability to service other vessels that are in need of repair- whether they are at sea or in port.

  7. SeaBart says:

    They are not repair vessels: they are Offshore Installation and pipe laying vessels, possibly also doing some diving, inspection & maintenance work.
    They will however never do this in port, especially meant for offshore operations. And the only vessels they might work on are offshore moored FPSO’s & the likes.

  8. staat ik d’r ook tussen met de J34?

  9. SeaBart says:

    Hee Roel! Nee, nog niet maar dat veranderd worden als je er behoefte aan hebt. ;-D
    How’s life?

  10. Gerlof Bremer says:

    Are there stil pritty ships excisting???
    When they are looking nice they are called a yacht, but than it ain’t a ship what is used as a tooll

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