Ice Maiden I Sisters

Posted: 31 July, 2010 by Fairlane in information
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Ice Maiden I Sisters

As this week’s flashback relates, we can now “mourn” the end of the Ice Maiden I, but a little investigation reveals that the legacy of her family has yet to come to a close. Heck, there’s even a little bit of intrigue involved.

Family! Mystery! Ugliness! what better to write about than that?

In fact, Ice Maiden I was only the middle child, hull number 6002.

First came her older sister:

Ivan Papanin

IMO: 8837928

Build : 1992 by Kherson Shipyard, Kherson in Ukraine, nr 6001

Ivan actually was the model child of the family, she managed to head out into the world and fulfill her planned role, which she still serves, as an oddball Russian icebreaking cargo vessel, bringing her semi-awkwardness to various frozen corners of the globe.

Our favorite, now-departed sister was second in the family, followed by:

Xue Long

IMO: 8877899

Build : 1993 by Kherson Shipyard, Kherson in Ukraine, nr 6003 as Snow Dragon

Xue had a little bit rougher of a childhood, with an early-on decision that instead of heading for Russia, she would move to China. From there, however, she seems to have settled down, changed her name, and gotten a bit of a nose job, good for her.

Of course, then we come to the youngest, and clearly the most challenged. The last of the sisters has encountered numerous difficulties, and it still working on bringing her life to fruition:

Hull 6004

IMO: ???

Build: 2003 by Kherson Shipyard, Kherson in Ukraine, nr 6004

Here’s where the family really breaks off into an oddball tangent. Hull 6004 seems to have tried to emulate her older sister right from the get-go. Like the Ice Maiden I did for so long, she has been sitting in limbo in Mexico awaiting conversion. However, as the photo shows, things may be looking up for her, at least the make-over seems to be taking place, and she will join her two older sisters in having a successful life.

And, well, hopefully she doesn’t end up too ugly because of the deal…

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