Posted: 2 August, 2010 by Fairlane in ugly
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IMO: 8922395

Build: 1989 by Elbewerften Rosslauer Schiffswerft – Rosslau in Germany, nr 3492 as Tavriya 6

“Balance” is a concept that really can make a difference in the aesthetics of a ship’s design. Too much of a component, or too little, can completely throw off the appearance of a vessel. Fortunately, most ship designers seem to relatively know that balance, and keep it within that realm of what works for the design.

For the Sukriye, however, the guy in the balance department must have been having an off day.

Loaded down with cargo, she just looks too small, with a freeboard that looks about ready to let water spill over.

But, remove the cargo, and it’s the inverse; her hull looks way too big for the size of the superstructure. There is no middle ground here, no balance.

Her funnels, too, lack that needed balance. For the size of the bridge complex and hull, two wimpy little funnels rise from the back, looking like just an afterthought. The same goes for the rigging, an insignificant mast rises from the bridge, almost invisible from a distance, adding to the illusion that something is missing.

Normally I’m a fan of bridge-forward designs, but there’s enough wrong with this one to declare it as an exception to the normal, and an Official Ugly Ship.

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