Ocean Shearer

Posted: 3 August, 2010 by SeaBart in ugly
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Ocean Shearer

IMO : 7810935

Build : 1980 by China Shipbuilding Corp. – Kaohsiung in Taiwan, nr ?? as Ming Universe (containervessel)

Modified: 2002

Catlle-cariers are also known in the maritime world as socalled WoWo-ships: Walk on – Walk off (hopefully), same goes for cruiseships: also designed to carry walking cargo over the seas of the earth although with a slightly different purpose. Here we have another one of these cattle-cruiseships: the Ocean Shearer.

This is how she started her life, as a reasonably normal looking containervessel.

But in 2002 she had fulfilled her economical working life and she was snapped up by a ruthless cattle-carrying company and converted into what you see on her present-day pictures: a stinking, smelling, foul-looking cattle-cruise ship.

I especially like the fact that on the starboardside she has a smooth side with nothing protruding but on the portside she has got a lot of ramps going up & down…the steel braces of them actually give a bit of a surrealistic effect.

I do wonder what the cattle are thinking when they are hoarded onto one of these: are they actually looking forward to their trip or do they look at it as a very annoying interruption of their normal grazing life?

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