Stena Pioneer

Posted: 11 August, 2010 by SeaBart in ugly
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Stena Pioneer

IMO : 7361570

Build : 1975 by J.J. Sietas KG Schiffswerke G.m.b.H. & Co – Hamburg in Germany, nr 755 as Bison

A ferry, again… it getting boring already?? Should I rename this site to uglyferries?? Na, not necessary, there are more ships around than ferries but they do seem to have the upper hand here. Anyway: mr anonymous tipped me about this one, so please have a look.

This is how she started life, called Bison, sister to Buffalo & Union Melbourne.

Picture by Fotoflite via

Not too bad looking, bit bland and the color is the only thing which makes it stand out (in a bit of a bad way). But then the buffins in the offices decided she didn’t make enough money and send her away to get some plastic (steel??) surgery done. She was lengthened by 15 and a bit meter.

Picture by William Agnew, from Trevor Kidd collection via

To make her comply with new rules a few years later she was again send to the ships-surgeon and sponsoons were welded to her hull to increase her stability. 4 meter was added to her beam and off to sea she was send again.

Unfortunately this addition affected her seakeeping conditions so badly (probably she became too “stiff” so she rolled like a mad man) they had to perform more surgery to her and an extra cardeck was dumped on her aftdeck asap.

And that really made her stand out in the crowds, in a very bad way!

How on earth can people think all the above ideas were a good thing to start with??

They started off with a reasonable normal looking vessel and ended up with a total floating mess. And she is still trading so you have the chance of suddenly being face to face with her, beware of that day!

Thanks aNonymouC.


  1. sam says:

    I bet your glad to know that the stena pioneer is to be scrapped along with the stena leader and stena seafarer after they closed the fleetwood to larne route off!!

  2. andrea says:

    They havent been scrapped they have been sold

  3. Ole moller says:

    First: the Light blue Bison You show is the 1982 lengthening.
    Secondly she is still trading in the Black Sea and is as far as I know doing very well.

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