V Element 2

Posted: 13 August, 2010 by SeaBart in ugly
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Picture by B. Malas, via email

V Element 2

IMO : n/a

Build : ?? by Chantiers Richard – Courseulles, Normandy in France, nr ??

Bertrand send me this picture already in the beginning of May but I was a bit of a slacker and didn’t put any effort in it. Untill last week he virtually kicked my ass and made me do something again.

As you can see at the above pic it looks like they unceremoniously dumped a normal plastic hulled fishing boat onto 2 smaller hulls. I wonder where they buried the remains of the 2 slaughtered boats they used for the smaller hulls?

And they ended up with a, probably pretty seaworthy boat but also one that looks rather funny and kinda ugly-ish.

Thanks to Bertrand for the tip!

For more info see this, rather messy looking  & totally french-languaged website: www.rougier-ingenierie.com

  1. StuartG says:

    I took Your suggestion and looked at the French site, You are right, it is messy. Did a Google translate (always good for a laugh with French) and was interested to find “Titi III” also by Richard shipbuilders (known as Dick to His mates). This may, in the future, lead to the interesting cocktail party conversation, “Oh!, I’m fishing off Titi 3 at the moment, my mate Dick made it.”
    Thanks for an entertaining half-hour looking around the ‘net. Thanks to Your good self and Bertrand for the chance. I did wonder if Bertrand was the same as ‘Plastic Bertrand’ on wiki here…..
    and on video here…

    it made #8 on the UK Singles Chart here in Blighty. Who says the Brits have no humour?

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