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Right: my case is packed, my plane is waiting…..I’m off on holiday for the coming 2 weeks, no interwebs, no mobile phone, no nothing so the ugly Ships of this world also can relax for the moment. See you when I’m back.

And if you are going yourself as well: have a good one!

grtz etc


Flashback week 34-2009

Posted: 16 August, 2010 by SeaBart in special

Flashback week 34-2009

While I’m preparing myself & my suitcase to go on holiday I did find some time here and there to bring you the Flashback for the thirty-fourth week of 2009……..

We already filled 3 posts with Strange Funnels.

Left me without words : Draco.

New character in the upcoming Pixar-movie : Fat Kee 1.

Posh Bali, but not the exotic island.

A concrete church-ship: Kerkschip, for the rock fast believers.

Looks fun but what is it? MC 4994 KL.

Camel-toe warning! Discovery in tha hood!

Cute but stops for nothing : Jakken.

Somebody forgot to hitch the trailer : BW Cidade de Sao Vicente.

Wrong sided funnels : Wecoma.