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Posted: 28 August, 2010 by Fairlane in information
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So, guess who’s jumping on the bandwagon and starting their own blog, too. Okay, I’ll give you two guesses…

No, it’s not Bill Murray, though I’m sure that would be interesting.

Instead, it’s me, Fairlane, starting my own blog which features, well, so far, some pretty ugly looking, beat-up ships…wait a second, I’m just ripping somebody off here…

Well, not really, the point of this blog is to take what at first glance may just seem to be a random, unexciting vessel, and uncover what sets it apart. Was that longliner fishing boat once a spy ship? Did a famous author once sail aboard that tugboat? Did that bulker once participate in a major news story?

Tidbits like these, and many more are all what I’m setting out to uncover as I spy a variety of unassuming vessels, so join in on the search for these random facts at ShipSpot.