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Flashback week 40-2009

Posted: 27 September, 2010 by SeaBart in special

Flashback week 40-2009

And here we are again on the most important day of the week: the day that brings you the flashback to last years week…… let’s get cracking!

John H : Duller than a carton of milk.

And like last week : once again a Channel ferry, the Primrose this time.

SBX-1: a giant floating easter-egg.

A good idea performed badly :  Artic P.

Sistership to something we seen before : Willy T.

Oops, Fail & LOL : Wrong Way around.

Exuberant paintjob on old ferry : Vital Brazil.

Exuberant paintjob on a tug : Poseidon.

Wagenveer 3, another underused pergola??

Yarm Cross, another ugly Svitser Tug.

A splendid idea, planned to be ugly : Aurora Polaris.

Cute & Cuddly: Uran.

A long discussion about the USS Long Beach.

Posted: 24 September, 2010 by SeaBart in information
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Although it has been a bit quite around here, it doesn’t automatically mean that I have been sitting around doing nothing. I have been and am at the moment very busy, mainly doing offshore stuff but I did find some time here and there to launch a new website: Nauti-Cool.

During my travels over the uncharted waters of the oh-so famous Interwebs searching for victims to present to you on this very site I also sometimes stumble upon cool Nautical stuff: pics, vids, quotes & more, and I thought it to be a pity I couldn’t share them with you out there.

So if you fancy a refreshing taste from the daily ugly bizznizz here then please feel free to go visit the new neighbor and have a look! (there will be (hardly) no ramblings from me……must also be a good thing!)

Flashback week 39-2009

Posted: 20 September, 2010 by SeaBart in special

Flashback week 39-2009

I’m on a boat, floating around somewhere in the Baltic, and you are looking for Ugly boats. Well, let’s have a look what was considered ugly last year.

HNoMS Skold was on the list, plastic toy-look-a-like.

Once again an ugly English Channel Ferry : Oleander.

Wappen von Hamburg Flower Power.

Hat-like accommodation under a heli-hat: Seaway Explorer.

Tonndorf showed a frighteningly bright paintjob.

Deffo not a good looker : Paritetboat looker 350.

Nice blue hull-color but the rest?? Natalie (ex-Ocean Scotsman).

Oversized funnels, the other way…….

A non-ugly one for a change : Ark Forwarder.

Very simple: plain ugly, the Seiju Maru 21.

The second part of us looking at WOWO-carriers.

The ants of the maritime world: Little Pusher Tugs.

Flashback week 38-2009

Posted: 13 September, 2010 by SeaBart in special

Flashback week 38-2009

No ramblings, just the links :

Big, Yellow & doesn’t steer : Grande Angola.

Legends of the towing world: Typhoon & Tempest.

Flashback week 37-2009

Posted: 6 September, 2010 by SeaBart in special

Flashback week 37-2009

Hello…..I’m back from my holidays, now back onto a ship again, the fun never stops. And the Flashbacks to last year also do not stop as we continue with week 37 of 2009.

The MSC Asli, Updated, again Updated and once again updated.

A fleet of extra-ordinary funnels & more : Horizon Lines.

One of the Bin-FPSO’s of the world : Sevan Hummingbird.

Japanese sight-seeing boats sighted.

The esteemed Martin Leduc aka DieselDuck did a post on his blog about the USS Freedom.

Dual-painted, short-build, strange looking freighter, the UAL Nigeria (& sisters) in a nutshell.

A giraffe-necked tug making her American siblings die of envy : Alianza Rosario.

Sinclair Petrolore

Posted: 3 September, 2010 by SeaBart in ugly
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Sinclair Petrolore

IMO : ??

Build : 1955 by National Bulk Carriers Inc., Kure Shipbuilding Division – Kure in Japan, nr 35

Via the Facebook extension of this site Mike Hogan expressed his opinion about the Sinclair Petrolore: basically saying she was the ugliest vessel ever to float on (more…)

Offshore & busy

Posted: 1 September, 2010 by SeaBart in personal

Offshore & busy.

Or should that be the other way around?? Anyway, right back from holiday I just had enough time to repack my bag to go back on board of my vessel for another 4 weeks of Fun & Offshore games.

And due to a lack of time (and a bit of inspiration) I have not prepared posts for the coming time (except the regular Flashbacks) so it might go a bit quiet here.

But that will change in due time (hopefully).

Have a good one, grtz from the seas.