Flashback week 39-2009

Posted: 20 September, 2010 by SeaBart in special

Flashback week 39-2009

I’m on a boat, floating around somewhere in the Baltic, and you are looking for Ugly boats. Well, let’s have a look what was considered ugly last year.

HNoMS Skold was on the list, plastic toy-look-a-like.

Once again an ugly English Channel Ferry : Oleander.

Wappen von Hamburg Flower Power.

Hat-like accommodation under a heli-hat: Seaway Explorer.

Tonndorf showed a frighteningly bright paintjob.

Deffo not a good looker : Paritetboat looker 350.

Nice blue hull-color but the rest?? Natalie (ex-Ocean Scotsman).

Oversized funnels, the other way…….

A non-ugly one for a change : Ark Forwarder.

Very simple: plain ugly, the Seiju Maru 21.

The second part of us looking at WOWO-carriers.

The ants of the maritime world: Little Pusher Tugs.


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