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Flashback week 40-2009

Posted: 27 September, 2010 by SeaBart in special

Flashback week 40-2009

And here we are again on the most important day of the week: the day that brings you the flashback to last years week…… let’s get cracking!

John H : Duller than a carton of milk.

And like last week : once again a Channel ferry, the Primrose this time.

SBX-1: a giant floating easter-egg.

A good idea performed badly :  Artic P.

Sistership to something we seen before : Willy T.

Oops, Fail & LOL : Wrong Way around.

Exuberant paintjob on old ferry : Vital Brazil.

Exuberant paintjob on a tug : Poseidon.

Wagenveer 3, another underused pergola??

Yarm Cross, another ugly Svitser Tug.

A splendid idea, planned to be ugly : Aurora Polaris.

Cute & Cuddly: Uran.

A long discussion about the USS Long Beach.