Stanechakker (Updated)

Posted: 4 October, 2010 by SeaBart in ugly
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IMO : 7636896

Build : 1978 by Hall Russel co ltd, Aberdeen, UK nr 976

Quit a while ago, on 24-11-2008 this website was launched and the first appearance was that of the Battleaxe: the ship which sowed the idea of this site. Now umpteen days and a lot of blood, sweat & tears later we feature one of her sisters: the Stanechakker. Build in the same year as Battleaxe but 10 months earlier she has been with he same company all these years (as far as I can tell).

She once came in a fashionable reddish orange:

Dunno source, via the Interweb

Dunno source, via the Interweb

Good thing they changed the paintjob since then!

And as you may have already noticed: she is as much ugly as her sister Battleaxe!

here are some drawings of her:

Update (04-10-2010)

The Stanechakker has left her homeport Sullom Voe for the first time since she was build 32 years ago, to never come back. Sullom Voe Harbour Authority had 4 new tugs build for working on the Sullom Voe Oil Terminal and the Stanechakker became obsolete.

So on the 12th of september she was renamed Stane (how original), departed port manned by a Redwise crew sailing her to Lagos, Nigeria for her new owner, via IJmuiden in the Netherlands to take on bunkers.

Here she is seen departing Sullom Voe, thanks to John Bateson who took & send me the pic.


Picture by John Bateson

And arriving in IJmuiden for bunkers.


Picture by Marcel Coster, via

Picture by Marcel Coster, via

Still as ugly as F**k but assumingly still in good nick after 32 years, I’m afraid that within not too long of time her condition will deteriorate quickly.

And here on Tugspotters she is seen leaving IJmuiden, probably going to be the last pictures we will ever see of her.

Little confession : Unfortunately I’m not working for Redwise anymore otherwise I would have jumped on the chance of sailing one of the Battleaxe sisters.


  1. Norman Howle says:

    I sailed on all three of these sisters when they were in Shetland. The Stane and the Battleaxe are both in Lagos now, check
    The 3rd sister is in Bahrain and called Samson but has had the tall FiFi mast removed.

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