City of St Petersburg

Posted: 30 March, 2011 by SeaBart in ugly
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City of St Petersburg

IMO 9473456

Build : 2010 by Kyokuyo Shipyard Corporation – Shimonoseki in Japan, nr 493

While busy restoring all the lost links to the pictures on the rest of the website I kept stumbling over pictures of this vessel and while I initially decided to first finish that hugh job of restoring the inspiration was held back by nothing so I just had to write something about her.

Somebody has been busy reading this same website and saw all the comments that I and a lot of others have on the usual squarish design of carcarriers. Maybe inspired this person decided to go quite a different way while designing this carcarrier.

And while the effort is to be applauded for, the result unfortunately is not. Although the design is revolutionary, it also distinctly looks very much like a very long suppository which is not a very good look.

The comments of Shipspotters I have already read about this vessel include the questions whether a submarine wasn’t supposed to be underwater or if it was designed by Disney. It was compared to a cylinder, a big whale, a cigar tube, a 1919 Zeppelin and a wing-less Boeing. Oh boy: not the most pleased crowd then.

The thought I can not get out of my mind is whether the designer was influenced by a ship also already shown here on this site: the Kalakala.

Picture via the Interwebs

  1. ALBERTO says:

    Thank’s for the new post!!
    and a very interesting one…
    Good to see you again!!!

  2. SeaBart says:

    You’re welcome. It’s good to be back!

  3. Bonnie says:

    Welcome back!

  4. Itix says:

    My girlfriend made the remark that it looks like a giant suppository… kind of tells the story by itself.

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