Edda Fides (Updated, again)

Posted: 7 April, 2011 by Fairlane in special, ugly
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Edda Fides

IMO :9456290

Build : Under construction by Astillero Barerra – Vigo in Spain, nr ???

I hate to judge a vessel before she’s been finished, but I don’t particularly like the way she’s shaping up. An offshore vessel designed with accommodation in mind, and as a result, placing it to the aft, just doesn’t seem to add up well.

Add in a lot of curves towards the bow and her swept back mast atop the bridge, and things start looking worse.

Did I mention she’s supposed to be painted in her operator’s lovely color combination of bright orange-red and yellow?

It doesn’t help, as these prototype models show.

I guess we’ll see it my predication is true when she’s finished, but I’m sticking with my bet on ugly.

Update (15-03-2010)

She’s been launched! Not much else has changed, but this provides a better view of her overall appearance.

I’d still say I’m fairly correct in my opinion, but I’ll keep updating as she progresses.

Update (07-04-2011)

Well, I’ll finally make my declaration complete. Seeing pictures of Edda underway leaves me no choice but to be ultimately repulsed by the finished design. She looks like an old tri-siland freighter with some modernized lines, the stern chopped off past the accomodation, and painted in an awful combination of obnoxiously bright colors.

By Fernando Montes via http://www.shipspotting.com

By Jose A. Martinez Rodeiro via http://www.shipspotting.com

  1. david paterson says:

    its a work ship, or flotel, not a cruise liner, and im sure inside the accomodation will make up for any “ugliness ” that u dont seem to like about it,
    This ship wont be going into port to be seen by 000,s of spectators welcoming her home , or departing for a round the world cruise, Im sure it has been built with the workload and harsh weather conditions in mind that it will be frequenting, all in all i wouldnt really get too hung up on the fact that its not the pretties ship on the planet!!!!

  2. I was visiting the Edda Fides yesterday. It is a fantastic ship. Almost like a cruise ship inside, including a outdoor swimming pool on the top deck. A dream she will be for those working and living on board it. And a technological marvel ! The hull shape, making you feel she looks ugly, is based on functionality. So I suggest that we change the “ugly” stamp to efficient!

  3. Ali Robertson says:

    Where is she to be operating Eirik?

  4. guest says:

    At the moment she’s at home in Haugesund, Norway.

  5. Jon Wilson says:

    I was the client representative onboard for her first charter in the North Sea this year. I can assure you that she is very beautiful indeed on the inside, and ABSOLUTELY one of the most powerful vessels you will ever find at sea today…she can comfortably hold station dynamically alongside an offshore structure with all manner of truly horrendous weather on the beam.

    Her external appearance is a result of function rather than taste, admittedly, but the general arrangement is well thought-out. Although she could never be described as beautiful, her mention here on ugly ships is not really warranted. My last flotel was the Dan Swift which truly is an ugly tub with her cobbled-together appearance the sorry result of two major conversions throughout the hull’s life. By contrast the Fides is bespoke, clean of line, uncluttered and purposeful-looking in every way.

    In short, my point is that beauty takes many forms, and in this case what is beautiful is the attention to detail, the kit fitted, and the resulting function achieved, albeit in a somewhat brusque form: Think S Class Merc rather than Alfa Romeo 159………………………

  6. Ritske van Kesteren says:

    At the moment the Edda Fides is alongside the PUQ for the Castor underground gas storage project 11 miles of the coast of spain near Vinaroz.
    Currently i’m on board this very fine vessel, it’s colour perfectly matchin the rig i might add. She’s not the most beautiful girl of the school dance but she’s the one that will dance!!
    Will send pictures later on!

  7. Rob says:

    i will be staying on the Edda Fides so would it be possible to email me some pictures for an idea of what i am up for, i have heard it is very nice.

  8. Russell Ferrier says:

    Edda Fides is enroute to Bass Strait, Australia to act as flotel for Esso on the KTT Project and HUC (Hook Up and Commisioning) of the Marlin B platform.
    She will be replacing McDermott Derrick Lay barge DB30 which has been on site for 18 months laying pipe and biulding the MLB anf Riser Access Tower.

  9. Susan Taylor says:

    Edda Fides is just off Cape Town this morning

  10. Russell Ferrier says:

    Due on location Marlin B Platform, Bass Strait, Australia on/about May 5th with a ten day handover period with DB30 so I should get to see her.
    Believe she goes to Singapore for another hull inspection/clean before transit to Australia.

  11. Russell Ferrier says:

    Oops…meant June 5th on location at Marlin B. Apologies…

  12. Ray Burgess says:

    Looks good..The accomondation ..two person cabins…pool,internet..a room to yourself..great…

  13. Robbie Kellie says:

    Joined her last week in Melbourne, not bad at all. Interesting concept actually. Accomodation is very pleasant

  14. Gene says:

    She’s coming into Galveston, TX tomorrrow. Wish I could board her.

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