Posted: 9 April, 2011 by SeaBart in ugly
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Picture by Skyfoto Maassluis via http://koopvaardij.web-log.nl


IMO : 8416530

Build : 1984 by Neptun Stahlbau GmbH – Rostock in Germany, nr 106 as Ivan Bakhvalov

I’m going to be honest here: If I look at the above picture (and the same thing happened when I saw it for the first time) I go: What is that? Every time again: I just can’t get my head round this vessel. Apparently she’s a dredger, a bucket ladder dredger to be precise but to me it looks like some kind of cargo vessel being humped by a part of some kind of factory-thingy.

I assume she is like one of the vessels I have put in the spotlight here before: the Leonardo da Vinci…She is sailing in one direction but dredging in the other and in the mean time totally confusing everybody, including the crew.

Confusing as she is I think we can agree on the fact that she is not the most pleasing sight to the eyes, I’d actually want to call her ugly.

Yup: let’s cut the crap and stop the chitchat….she is an O.U.S. Period.

  1. sam says:

    Now thats an UGLY **** ship!!

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