Heuristic Dolphin

Posted: 13 April, 2011 by SeaBart in ugly
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Picture by Graham Darling

Heuristic Dolphin

IMO : 7703596

Build : 1977 by Hanjin Heavy Industries in Busan – Korea, nr ??

Graham Darling, who made the above picture, send this one in the tip-hotline. And boy: I nearly needed a new laptop as I almost spat out the whole contents of my mouth (mostly Coke) after laying eyes on this green monstrosity. (Note to myself: ensure mouth is empty before opening uglyships-emailbox.)

And OMG: how ugly is this one. Starting with the strange-ish lines on the bow, the almost cute little snub nose, the ginormous cranes in the middle, the tall accommodation block with the greenhouse bridge & the flat lines of the stern. And to top it off she is painted in the most hideous color of green I’ve ever seen.

I only could find below picture of her so we can not ravel more of her in other views but I’m sure you are getting the picture.

Picture by KWsideB via Flickr

What I did find however were 2 sisterships: the Green Diamond & the Red Diamond. Both have a bit different design bridge which makes the overall look even more pittyfull, please see below:

Red Diamond (IMO 7413323)

Green Diamond (IMO 7116406)

Both the above ships seem to have been anchored at Balboa Roads for a while now, seems the owners have abandoned them, maybe because they realized they were socalled “Fugly”.

Apparently more of these vessels have wandered over the 7 seas, named the Miniliners or Mini L’s.

And before you ask: Heuristic refers to experience-based techniques for problem solving, learning, and discovery. (more here on Wikipedia). Must be quit a clever boat then, he?

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