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IMO : 6907004

Build : 1969 by Kawasaki Heavy Ind., Ltd. – Sakaide in Japan, nr 1103 as Bideford

I think the designers of this vessel were inspired by the Iron Sirius : They obviously also thought that a vessel of that size doesn’t need a big accommodation or bridgewings to (more…)

Hyundai 60

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 Hyundai 60

IMO: 7349754

Build: 1974 by Blohm & Voss Gmbh – Hamburg in Germany, nr 885 as E. T. P. M. 1601

Behemoth. Gigantic. Humongous. Gargantuan. Mammoth. Leviathan.

It seems that no matter the what synonym for something monstrous that you choose, there is no way that it sounds pretty. which is¬†appropriate, as pretty is definitely not a word that is fitting for this monster. (more…)