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Save Our Seafarers

Posted: 18 April, 2011 by SeaBart in personal, special
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Please read the below text from & please take the time to send a letter to your government….just follow the links.

Over 800 seafarers are being held hostage by armed gangs of Somali pirates, in appalling conditions, subject to physical and psychological abuse, for up to 8 months.

Their ships have been hijacked at sea and they are being held for ransoms of millions of dollars. The human cost to seafarers and their families is enormous.

This affects YOU. Piracy is beginning to strangle key supply routes. 90% of the world’s food, fuel, raw materials and manufactured goods is delivered by sea. Nearly half of the world’s seaborne oil supply passes through the pirate-infested parts of the western and northern Indian Ocean.

But the world’s politicians don’t seem to realise the severity of the crisis. World trade is under threat. Piracy costs the global economy $7-12bn a year. Yet even when caught red handed by naval forces, 80% of pirates are released to attack again.

You can help stop this hostage-taking and help restore the freedom of the seas. Please add your voice to our worldwide call for government action. More robust laws, stronger enforcement of international conventions and firmer political resolve are needed to stop these pirates.

It will only take you three clicks to send a SOS letter, in your name, directly to your chosen Head of Government.

I support this campaign to urge our governments to step up their efforts to eradicate piracy from the worlds Seven Seas & the Indian Ocean in particular; for the safety of me & my colleagues crossing the affected area’s in the Indian Ocean (which continue to grow in size) & to help those already held captive ….can you please do the same??

Thank you very much, on behalf of me & my seafaring colleagues.

Flashback week 46-2009

Posted: 18 April, 2011 by SeaBart in special

Flashback week 46-2009

Not much to say this week, Fairlane did the only 2 posts during the above mentioned week, I must have been doing stuff offshore.

Maersk Vlaardingen: unpronounceable, baby blue & Drive through.

4 sisterships, all disappeared mysteriously: USS Cyclops (AC-4).