Extreme (ugly) concepts (part 1)

Posted: 20 April, 2011 by SeaBart in special, strange, ugly
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Extreme (Ugly) Concepts

Build : Hopefully not / Not yet

Concepts : a thing that designers design, in cooperation with marketeers to sell their designs. Usually the concept is fitted with some extraordinaire features, shapes & other stuff to distinguish his concept from all the other concepts in the world. Almost always these features will not appear on the finished product. Another form of concept-drawings is to show the world how the final product may (or may not) look like.

And both of those concepts are we going to discuss here today.

Above you see the concept drawing of the Dockwise Type O-vessel: a Semi-submersible heavy Lift ships capable of transporting more than 100.000 tons of whatever can be put on her deck. And she will be build! Below is a comparison picture with alongside her the existing ships from the same company.

Also above you see the concept drawing of the Ramform W-class vessels, we have discussed one of their earlier class of ships here before: the Ramform Sovereign. Well, the new vessels are going to be even more triangled. (Un)fortunately I can not find any more pictures on the Interwebs but these vessels will also be built.

Another triangle formed concept is the WHY, the Wally Hermes Yacht, the whole website is filled with how, where, why, lifestyle, dreams, etc etc. But before you go there: please see the pics below & be warned.

Another concept of a yacht I stumbled upon is the Pelorus, looks quit normal from the waterline up but got some interesting stuff going on UNDER the waterline. Also here I could only find the below picture and not even a single bit of information. Maybe for the better.

A new concept of an Crude Oil Tanker, designed by DNV is called the Triality…….she got some colory wavy things going on at the bow and some weird structures in front of the accommodation. And a very nice green deck just to emphasize how environmentally friendly she is…and as you may already know: we do like our green!

After the above we take a look at the navy, the US navy in this case. They developed a concept guided missile destroyer and they called the so-called Leadship the USS Zumwal (DDG-1000). And if they are really going to build this the enemy will certainly run away, not only from the firepower of this vessel but also to get this thing out of their sights.

And for the final I present to you a concept that will never ever sail the seven seas, or your bathtub because this one is just one step too far. Maybe even multiple steps….Judge by/for yourself : the Ankida yacht.

Expect more of these Concept-posts in the near future!

  1. Navydude says:

    I disagree with the zumwalt stealth destroyer. The ship is a beast and I don’t see how it’s ugly looking. They made it have that design because it’s a stealth design.


    Oh sure, the USS Zumwalt is butiful! I wana gu in teh insid! It makes mi wana be its captin!

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