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restoration DONE!

Posted: 26 April, 2011 by SeaBart in information, personal

Restoration DONE!

Hello all,

Well, after numerous hours clicking away on the interwebs (inbetween my normal day-to-day stuff & giving the garden a full-blown make-over for the summer) with as main result a lame hand I have finally finished restoring all the links to the 1700+ pictures in the 539 posts already posted on this site. And in the mean time correcting numerous spelling & other mistakes. All the missing pictures are now stored on my server so I will (hopefully) not loose them again for a third time. So I’m ready for another 6 months of vacation from this site to focus on bringing you more news from the world of Ugly Ships. Be prepared & be afraid, very afraid!

All the best & have fun!


BTW: it was actually quite fun to read my first posts, some of which I had forgotten all about already, so please make sure you keep on reading till the last (or is it the first?) post.

BTW 2: I’m off doing offshore stuff again as well for another 4 weeks so we’ll have to see how much time I can spend on here.