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Dunno source, via the Interwebs


IMO : n/a

Build : 1998 by Vosper Thornycroft –  Southampton in the UK as Cable and Wireless Adventurer, nr ??

I am starting to feel like I am repeating myself here, a kind of deja vu : a fast record beating motoryacht painted black and used to deter whalehunters from catching their prey. Where have I heard that before? Oh wait….HERE

The Gojira is the replacer of the above mentioned Ady Gil after she had sunk after being hit by a Japanese whalehunter. Before painted black (why do I keep humming that Rolling Stones song??) she already had a full live & various liveries.

As Ocean 7 Adventurer :

Picture by Claudio Gaspar, via Wikipedia

As Rat Race Media :

Picture by Nick Elzinga, via Wikipedia

And now as Gojira :

Well, I hope this ugly looking thing does do the job of scaring the whalehunters away from the whales as she keeps me from looking at her strange features, corners & angles. And I’d deffo say that the black with green & yellow texts is not her best looking dress.

Whalehunters beware!! Godzilla is on her way!

  1. none says:

    gojira is now the “bridgitte bardot”

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