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Ugly Ships Recolorficated

Posted: 29 June, 2011 by SeaBart in special
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Art by Bowsprite

Ugly Ships Recolorficated

The mighty Bowsprite used her dazzle to recolor some ugly ships and made them look muuuuuch better! Please see more of her art HERE!

I vote for her as Prime Minister of the Department of Recolorfication of Ugly Ships!

Flashback week 02-2010

Posted: 27 June, 2011 by SeaBart in special

Flashback week o2-2010

While away at sea I did find some time to keep my promise and at least post one post, this weekly flashback to last years posts.

The Flashback to week 03-2009.

The Rocky Giant was at a giant in being ugly.

The Sea Raven came to us via our Facebook Extension.

The result of building a prototype with Lego, the Neuwerk.

The Calypso Queen has hideous lines disguised with an awful paintjob.

Fairlane found a new Mystery Vessel. Still no news about it though, must be a real mystery!

Bob Barker

Posted: 23 June, 2011 by SeaBart in paintjob
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Bob Barker

IMO : 5280540

Build : 1950 by Fredriksstad MV – Fredriksstad in Norway, nr 333 as Pol XIV (a whaler)

The Sea Shepherd organization, worldwide known & the subject of a few posts here on this website: this is one of their vessels and it is painted in their signature paintjob: black, (more…)

Flashback week 01-2010

Posted: 20 June, 2011 by SeaBart in special

Flashback week 01-2010

And here we are again with our weekly post, the Flashback, this time to the first week of 2010. We started this week of with the Flashback to week 02-2009.
I’ll be off to sea this week but I’ll try to update the site if & when I can.

A lot of Strange Bridges came up.

Comparing the Oasis of the Sea to a more regular cruise vessel.

The Ady Gil post from a while ago was updated after the vessel was rammed while trying to stop wales getting killed.

And finally we discovered that Ugly Subs better stay under water.


Freaky FPSO’s

Posted: 17 June, 2011 by SeaBart in ugly
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Remember this one??

Freaky FPSO’s

Do you? Good memory you have! The above pictured monstrosity has already been featured here on the site so I’m not going to wast any words about her or her buddy (more…)

Typhoon (updated 15-06-2011)

Posted: 15 June, 2011 by SeaBart in ugly
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IMO : 7515365

Build : 1976 by Scheepswerf Van der Giessen-De Noord, Alblasserdam in the Netherlands, nr 907

I won’t be making friends within the tug-loving department when I (more…)

Flashback week 53-2009

Posted: 13 June, 2011 by SeaBart in special

Flashback week 53-2009

No talking, just the links:

The Flashback to week 01-2009

The Top Something IV, III, II, & I

Convertible vessels

Dutch Inland Barges

Jascon 27


Cap San Diego

Seasonal Greetings

Sea Fighter

Posted: 9 June, 2011 by SeaBart in ugly
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Sea Fighter

Pennant nr : FSF-1

Build : 2003 by Nichols Bros. Boat Builders – Freeland, Washington in the U.S. of A., nr ??

Another experimental Swath design Fast littoral combat ship from the United States Navy. I have no clue how you think about them but (more…)

Flashback week 52-2009

Posted: 6 June, 2011 by SeaBart in special

Flashback week 52-2009

Last week I had to skip this part as I was quite busy with a course, busier than expected actually. But his week I’m back & traditionally we start of again with the traditional Flashback, this time to the penultimate week of 2009……ah, those olden days!

The Flashback to the equally penultimate week of 2008.

Another nightmare from the project I was on before this week: the Viking Poseidon.

A bobtailed Tramper with with crooked cranes.

Fairlane did the Seaspan Greg.

We showed the final product of the much modified/repaired/restored & rebuild Kraka.

The once mighty & now scrapped Knock Nevis.

The first (or the fifth) of the Top Somethings-lists.

And the last one for this week, the intended messy Cristal Ocean.

South Islander

Posted: 5 June, 2011 by Fairlane in strange, ugly
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South Islander

IMO: 9370379

Build: 2007 by Shin Kochi Heavy Industries, Kochi in Japan, nr 7207

So rigfht now you could be saying to yourself: “why has he gone off his rocker, these seem to be two unconnected pictures of some containership and a car carrier.” Or, at least to me, you should… (more…)

Extreme (ugly) concepts (part 2)

Posted: 2 June, 2011 by SeaBart in ugly
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Extreme (ugly) concepts (part 2)

Although I don’t have that much time this week (due to a course and family matters) I didn’t want to keep these 2 ugly concepts away from you. Just to warn you of their (more…)