Extreme (ugly) concepts (part 2)

Posted: 2 June, 2011 by SeaBart in ugly
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Extreme (ugly) concepts (part 2)

Although I don’t have that much time this week (due to a course and family matters) I didn’t want to keep these 2 ugly concepts away from you. Just to warn you of their existence ofcourse, nothing to do with sarcasme and witty banter.

First is the New Cruiseship France:

Somebody had the bright idea to resurrect the old image of the SS France, a grande olde Lady of the Seas. A good idea but the execution leaves something to desire at the moment. I don’t know how he came up with this idea but the 2 giant blocks on the hull resembling 2 funnels gives the whole vessel a certain cartoonish image, a caricature of the original.

The below picture could just as well be used for the promotion for the maritime spin-off of Pixars Cars-animation movie: Ships.

And they are perfectly optimistic that this ship will be build…oh dear! See the website here.

Many thanks to Henrik who provided the tip!

The next concept is again coming from DNV, after the first one: the Triality (Featured in part 1 here) they have designed another one: an ecofriendly ore carrier called the Ecore. I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves but this apears to me as another daydream concept that will never sea the 7 seas.

Very green, very hippy happy!

And the picture below reminds me of just another cartoon character: the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland.


  1. FooMan says:

    I like the mold on the sides and bow (yes I do know it is some kind of graphic). I would love to see her after a few trips, loading and off loading and the creosote gets a hold of that pretty white paint. There is a reason that working vessels are painted the way they are, THEY WORK!

  2. bowsprite says:

    Sacrebleu, non non non! the SS FRANCE was a gorgeous vessel, beautifully proportioned. Naming this travesty FRANCE is like calling Spam “rilette”. Actually, this is even an insult to Spam. What is it with the mutant funnels? are they LNG tanks?

  3. bonnie says:


  4. QM says:

    That “France” concept may be cartoonish and a joke, but at least its better looking than the awful “Norwegian Epic” which inexplicably made it into the real world.

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