Sea Fighter

Posted: 9 June, 2011 by SeaBart in ugly
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Sea Fighter

Pennant nr : FSF-1

Build : 2003 by Nichols Bros. Boat Builders – Freeland, Washington in the U.S. of A., nr ??

Another experimental Swath design Fast littoral combat ship from the United States Navy. I have no clue how you think about them but they do provide a good source of ships to be discussed or ridiculed here on this website.

The latest victim is the Sea Fighter and as you can see from the above picture she is quite a good one. But there is more than meets the eye:

Not only is her bridge placed off center giving her a bit of lob-sided view, she also has one of them particular Double Bridges we discusses here before.

Picture by John F. Williams via Wikipedia

I wonder again who is residing up there: the captain Commander, or the outlook, or the party-chief??

Party chief, that must be it!

The shape of that double bridge does suspect that she always has her party hat on.

So it must be the official residence & headquarters of the Party Chief. Case closed!

Imagine that: wearing a party hat while going into war! But there are more navy vessels in the world who are guilty of that fact.

The HMS Diamond (D34) of the Royal British Navy:

Dunno source, via the interwebs

The 4 new Offshore Patrol Vessels of the Royal Dutch Navy.

Dunno source, via the Interwebs

And I’m sure there are plenty more examples to be found amongst the Navies of this world……………… actually: Fairlane beat me to it, including the illustrious “party-hat”-comparison: HMS Dauntless (D33).

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