Bob Barker

Posted: 23 June, 2011 by SeaBart in paintjob
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Bob Barker

IMO : 5280540

Build : 1950 by Fredriksstad MV – Fredriksstad in Norway, nr 333 as Pol XIV (a whaler)

The Sea Shepherd organization, worldwide known & the subject of a few posts here on this website: this is one of their vessels and it is painted in their signature paintjob: black, black & black on black, with a bit of yellow. And as already condemned in earlier posts (I, II & III) : it is again condemned on this vessel. Yuk, ugly!

But the Sea Shepherds have apparently hired a new in house Stylist because they have changed the paintjob of the above Bob Barker, from the glooming black to a fresh looking camouflage-style dazzle pattern.

Please also note the shark teeth! Sharp!

Me likeeee! I really do! Hopefully they will also paint the other vessels in the same fashion, makes a refreshing change from the doom & gloom as they are now.

Btw: The Bob Barker being a former whale hunting vessel is even more ironically as the Steve Irwin being a former Fisheries Protection Vessel.

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