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Toisa Sentinel
Bella Desgagnes

USS Pigeon




HMS Argus


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As you may have noticed it is a bit quit around here. I would like to see it otherwise but unfortunately commitments in my personal & professional life are coming in the way of actually posting some good posts about the Ugly Ships of the world on here. And believe me: they are still out there.

So, in order to not let this site go down I have come up with a cunning plan! For the coming time I will start posting pictures (and only pictures) of a variety of Ugly Ships on the new extension of this site: so at least you will be able to get your daily/weekly/monthly fix of Ugly Ships. The tumblr set-up will allow me to post quicker & easier so hopefully the updates will be more often over there.

This doesn’t mean I’m not going to post “quality” post on here anymore, I will but only when the time & circumstances allow me to.

I will think of a way to get the pics posted here as well, maybe a weekly post or so, we’ll see.

So enjoy the ugliness on the other side,



Flashback week 06-2010

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I’ll be traveling this monday but that is no reason to divert from the normal routine and not publish the Monday morning Flashback, so here it is.

To start: the Flashback to week 07 of 2009.

Unspeakable & unbearable : Sawqrah. But she didn’t turn out to be for the Navy, apparently.

picture by Brian Crocker, via

I love big stacks & I can not lie! Sidney Candies.

Bugulma, a “big” small vessel.

Picture by Andreas Spörri, via

Mobil Arctic, just an ordinary OUS.


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Picture by John Wilson, via

Picture by Eerik Laine, via


IMO 7220269

Built : 1972 by Koyo Dockyard Co. Ltd. – Mihara in Japan, nr 636 as Ferry Hamanasu

Ferries, obviously always the easy victim on this site but they sure make it easy for me. Take a look at this one, isn’t she a good candidate? Yes, she is! And that (more…)

Flashback week 05-2010

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Flashback week 05-2010

Mondaymorning, Flashback time. This time to week 05 of 2010 and on the traditional time! I just relalised that I don’t even know why I started this on monday instead of any other day. mmmmm, maybe this opens the door to doing it on any other day of the week irregularly.

For the moment we start with the Flashback to week 06 of 2009.

The unspeakable Rautaruukki is also better unviewed.

Picture by Jukka Koskimies, via

The Rocket Ship: Delta Mariner. To Infinity & beyond!!

Another hotel where you will never find me, ever. Hotel Queen Elizabeth.

USNS Gordon (T-AKR-296): a once “classic” containership, now with too much added botox.

Picture by Marc Piché, via

Master Baiter

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Master Baiter

IMO : n/a

Build : you’d think, don’t you?

Found this one on the all famous Interwebs, had to share it with you.

A typical well chosen name for a (assumed) sport fishing boat. Either chosen deliberately or not, she is in the same league as the Titan Uranus.

and this is what the Urban Dictionary has to say about it.


Flashback week 04-2010

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Flashback week 04-2010

And again a bit later than usually but better late than never: here is the Flashback to week 04 of 2010.

Let’s start off with another Flashback, the one to week 05 of 2009.

And then for the main players of the featured week:

The Canadian Prospector : a Laker.

Picture by Lorraine Morrill, via

The Seawell, an offshore vessel.

Samuel de Champlain & Innovation : an intrepid duo.

The Ursa, a dredger.

The Boardwalk Beast, a tourboat.

Picture by Thomas Millard, via

Uglier Car Carriers (Part 1) : a fleet of vehicle carriers.

Coast Guard Copycats : copies of US CG racing stripes

Something unknown.

Riviera del Conero, a ferry.

Picture by Stefan Niederer, via