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Flashback week 04-2010

Posted: 1 August, 2011 by SeaBart in special

Flashback week 04-2010

And again a bit later than usually but better late than never: here is the Flashback to week 04 of 2010.

Let’s start off with another Flashback, the one to week 05 of 2009.

And then for the main players of the featured week:

The Canadian Prospector : a Laker.

Picture by Lorraine Morrill, via

The Seawell, an offshore vessel.

Samuel de Champlain & Innovation : an intrepid duo.

The Ursa, a dredger.

The Boardwalk Beast, a tourboat.

Picture by Thomas Millard, via

Uglier Car Carriers (Part 1) : a fleet of vehicle carriers.

Coast Guard Copycats : copies of US CG racing stripes

Something unknown.

Riviera del Conero, a ferry.

Picture by Stefan Niederer, via