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Picture by John Wilson, via

Picture by Eerik Laine, via


IMO 7220269

Built : 1972 by Koyo Dockyard Co. Ltd. – Mihara in Japan, nr 636 as Ferry Hamanasu

Ferries, obviously always the easy victim on this site but they sure make it easy for me. Take a look at this one, isn’t she a good candidate? Yes, she is! And that why she is in the spotlight here.

Starting at the front :

Picture by Alan chapman Leijenaar, via

It’s hard to put a finger on it but she is not the prettiest upfront. From this side the funnels actually look like they were put on the wrong way.

From the side :

Picture by Jukka Koskimies, via

A slightly banana-shaped hull, the funnels being back to front is even more obvious now,and then the faux funnel in the middle and smaller stumps more to the aft. The lifeboats sitting on top like cherries on a birthdaycake. The eye gets lead slowly to the aft where:

Picture by Eerik Laine, via

The balcony like deck overhanging on both sides above the small RoRo hatch makes a very out of perspective figure, actually confusing the casual onlooker which side is the front.

All in all resulting in a very ugly vessel which actually confirms the overall opinion that ferries are indeed the ugly ducklings of the maritime world but these won’t grow up to be a beautiful swan.



  1. StuartG says:

    Yeah, to my untrained eye, at first sight they’ve loaded too much amidships.

    Here’s one for You…
    it’s for treading water you know.

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