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Tina P
Sea Explorer
Acergy Eagle
Peace in Africa
Energy Searcher
Fugro Gemini

Skandi Arctic

Posted: 28 September, 2011 by SeaBart in ugly

Picture by Richard Patton via

Skandi Arctic

IMO : 9413822

Build : 2009 by STX Norway Offshore AS Søviknes – Søvik in Norway, nr 702

Do you know the tale “The Emperor’s New Clothes” by Hans Christian Andersen?? Something similar happened to me lately. No: I wasn’t running around naked, I was a bit (more…)

Flashback week 11-2010

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Flashback week 11-2010

No blabla, just the links!

The Flashback to week 11-2009.

Metallica, rockgroup or vessel?

Picture by hanswesthoff via

A vessel on stilts: Spirit of Victoria.

Pimp my Ship – a competition.

Ambitious but fruitless: L’ille AZ.

A Gathering of all sorts Ugly.

Dunno source, tip via Bowsprite

A willy on a cuttingboard: Longbow. week 37-2011

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ARC San Andres
Crest Station 3
Storm P961
Bigorange XVIII
Lewek Crusader

Pacific Tracker

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Pacific Tracker

IMO : 6507921

Build : 1965 by Ingalls Shipbuilding Corp – Pascagoula, Mississippi in the USA, no 487 as Mormacdraco

I can actually hear you thinking now: has SeaBart lost his mind in the few months before while he wasn’t posting, that ship does not look ugly at all, she is a classic. And my (more…)

Peace in Africa

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Dunno source, via the interwebs

Peace in Africa

IMO : 8125064

Build : 1983 by Verolme Shipyards – Leusden in the Netherlands, nr 994 as Dock Express 20

Peace in Africa: with such a beautiful name you actually would expect a Grande Yacht designed by a recommended designer but unfortunately a yacht she is not! This (more…)

Flashback week 10-2010

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Flashback week 10-2010

And here we go again, it’s monday: it’s Flashback time………….

Here is the Flashback to week 10 of 2009.

The Yeoman Bontrup committed suicide after her sister Yeoman Bridge was branded an OUS.

Picture by Klaus Kehrls via

The Tredegar Hall & Co. were pretty innovative for their time but still very ugly in our time!

A Cattle Carrier meets another Cattle Carrier: Almawashi.

Picture by Derek Lilley via week 36-2011

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VOS Satisfaction
Tropic Palm
‘Ramform W’-class
Bourbon Front

Flashback week 09-2010

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Flashback week 09-2010

Hello again! Welcome to our (supposed to be) weekly thingy. Now looking at week o-9 of ’10.

Which started with the Flashback to week 09 of 2009.

Followed by the USS Independence (LCS-2).

Picture by Lorraine Morrill via

Then the Cromarty Rose.

The Pride of Calais came next.

And finishing with the Maersk Searcher.

Picture by Vladimir Knyaz via

NOR Tigerfish – IMO 9399430

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Picture by Captdag via

NOR Tigerfish

IMO : 9399430

Build : 2007 by Jaya Asiatic Shipyard – Batam in Indonesia, nr 860 as NOR Sky

I know heli-decks are the must have accesoire in the offshore vessel world today but I’m thinking this example is a bit over the top. It’s like the gentle shy kid at school suddenly showing up wearing a hugh pink mohawk.

PIcture by Per Inge Drågen via

At least they don’t have to bother filling up the forepeak water ballast tank anymore.

Thanks goes again to Denis for the tip!

Steve Irwin (updated & again)

Posted: 7 September, 2011 by SeaBart in paintjob
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Steve Irwin

IMO : 7340370

Build : 1975 by Russell, Hall and Co Ltd, Aberdeen in the UK , nr 9562 as Westra

I won’t go into details about what the Sea Shepherd organization is doing, I assume you (more…) week 35-2011

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Sancho Panza
Yacht Concept thingy

Submarine something

Celtic Dolphin

Moby Dick

Don Daniel

Flashback week 08-2010

Posted: 5 September, 2011 by SeaBart in special

Flashback week 09-2009

After a small hiatus in the posting I’m back again with another Flashback so sit down, relax and ponder about the times gone.

The Flashback to week 08 in 2009.

The Banana-shaped Athos Matacena.

Your spirit to live is crushed by the view of the Stemat Spirit.