Steve Irwin (updated & again)

Posted: 7 September, 2011 by SeaBart in paintjob
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Steve Irwin

IMO : 7340370

Build : 1975 by Russell, Hall and Co Ltd, Aberdeen in the UK , nr 9562 as Westra

I won’t go into details about what the Sea Shepherd organization is doing, I assume you all know and if not then look HERE or do a Google. I’m just here to give my humble opinion about Ugly Ships. And I think we got one here, one where the paintjob is gone baba-black sheep. I know it’s meant to look intimidating, to look grim, to make a statement, perhaps they even thought of her being “a black sheep” but to be honest: It looks bad, very bad.

The fact that she is built as a Fisheries Protection vessel for the Scottish Government isn’t even a bit ironical.

The other vessel in the fleet, The Farley Mowat (IMO : 5172602) has the same original paintjob.

And as you can see on the website, there have been more ships painted in this color.

Except two: The Yoska (IMO : ??) wearing coast-guard like colors and the Whales Forever (IMO : 7005229) which actually had a very nice paintjob.


picture by Marc Cleriot via

Their funnel colors are in the same league: black & intimidating.


A reality-show is broadcasted on various channels about this little group of activists: I haven’t seen it myself yet but from what I understand from all kinds of media it seems to be a disorganized & unprofessional mess on board the ships.

Update, 15-02-2009:

Apparently the Steve Irwin is modified a bit here and there on the outside during a gentle meeting with a Japanese opponent. ;-D

And I found some more pictures of another ship of the organization: The Cleveland Amory.

She was detained in 1993 by the Canadians, sold in 1995 and her present fate is unknown.

Update (07-09-2011)

The Steve Irwin is now showing new colors:

Picture by Scott William Goudie via

Picture by Stephane Saissi via

And I must say this looks much better than the hole-in-the-sun black she used to be! I personally like it!

  1. Robert Beller says:

    Believe the hype, a bulk of their crew have never been to sea much less the constantly storm tossed Southern Ocean. They capsized a RIB full of people, broke the launching crane, damage the helio rotor during the capsizing rescue, lost one of the RIB’s at night for hours, they lost all power in an ice field for hours, During the first safety drill everyone but Watson and Brown and the Doctor moseyed out on deck without any of the necessary safety equipment ready to drown.

    After Peter Brown sank the Delta by limp wristing the bowline as it was deployed Paul Watson defends his friends actions saying Jennings the Boson didn’t follow orders Watson said, “only one person is to be lowered in the boat the other are to use a ladder” But in later episodes the Delta is repeatedly launched with more then one crew member aboard. During Peter Brown’s ill-conceived night attack you can clearly see more than one crew member in the Delta as it is lowered into the water you can also clearly see the man on the bowline using a cleat to keep tension on the bowline (unlike Brown’s earlier attempt). Later during the spy ship iceberg ambush once again the boat is lowered with more the one crew member on board. The Boson had it right when he blames Peter Brown for the capsizing.

  2. D. Erwin says:

    Peter Brown, Paul Ewatson’s first mate on the Steve Irwin is a one man catastrophy. I can hardly recon I’m my mind why such a bumbling idiot like Brown would be so entrusted by Watson. I especially love to watch the all smarter crew as Peter Brown develops into one near catastrophy after another. Dwan your life suits mateys!

  3. Mads Brønden says:

    I know only one thing: I’m never evre gona join any Sea Shepherd vessel. As a profesional mariner, my toes are curling every time i see how incompetent they all are.

  4. Vintage CCG says:

    The Cleveland Amory was formerly the Canadian Coast Guard Ship (CCGS) Thomas Carleton, a hardworking medium buoytender and light icebreaker … from 1960-1991.
    Nice little ship to work on!

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