Skandi Arctic

Posted: 28 September, 2011 by SeaBart in ugly

Picture by Richard Patton via

Skandi Arctic

IMO : 9413822

Build : 2009 by STX Norway Offshore AS Søviknes – Søvik in Norway, nr 702

Do you know the tale “The Emperor’s New Clothes” by Hans Christian Andersen?? Something similar happened to me lately. No: I wasn’t running around naked, I was a bit mislead. I was too mesmerized by the specs & capabilities of these vessels that I hadn’t noticed how ugly these vessels exactly are! It just took a very short email from Henrik Lind to open my eyes to it.

Picture by Scott William Goudie via

The high bow with the added extended sides till underneath the bridgewings make the vessels like the one pictured above look like a bucket my little nieces use while playing on the beach. Ready to scoop a bucketfull of water to drag it somewhere else.

Picture by Geir Vinnes via

And although it looks very hightech indeed it also makes the sides look like a giant red brick wall. Not a very good look!

The Skandi Arctic is not the only vessel having these features, please see below a small selection of vessels with the same ugly looks.

Skandi Acergy (IMO 9387217)

Picture by Geir Vinnes via

 Aker Wayfarer (IMO 9435478)

Picture by Erik Azevedo via

And similar:
North Sea Giant (IMO 9524073)

Picture by Octavian via

So better watch out when you at the beach, you might be the end of the line for a bucket of water thrown up by one of these vessels.

Thanks to Henrik Lind for opening my eyes!

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