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By cmcdowall via


IMO: 8514083

Build: 1986 by Shin Kurushima Onishi Shipyard – Imabari in Japan,  nr 2446 as Toyofuji No. 14

It seems to be pretty well established that car carriers are among the ugliest ships out there plying the cargo lanes. If that’s true, then only three quarters of a car carrier shouldn’t be as ugly, right?


From any angle, the odd chunk missing just makes this transporter of automobiles look awful.

By Tom Turner via

I can’t confirm if this is exactly how she was built, but I will say that her age and other contemporaries seem to prove that, I hate to admit it, car carrier designs have actually gotten better looking.

By Captain ted via

  1. Willi says:

    Just another fine example of computer generated visual pollution. They are everywhere !!! A+ for function, F- for appearance, add the bonus of lousy seakeeping and voila !!!

  2. Ken says:

    What is the purpose of the empty front? Haul junk back to China !

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