Stanislav Yudin

Posted: 16 December, 2011 by Fairlane in monster, ugly
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Stanislav Yudin

IMO: 8219463

Build: 1985 by STX Finland – Turku in Finland, nr 1284

What does this ship have going against it?

Utterly hideous appearance, of course…a name that is two consonants and a vowel away from being unpronounceable…everything you can think of stacked upon her deck, plus more…whiskers…and the back of of her looks like the designer of the AMC Gremlin got to her, and decided to cut off the last third…

By Hannes van Rijn via

What does she have going for her?

Despite being an ugly monstrosity, she actually looks kind of cool, in a way that only really monstrous things can…and I really want to play with that crane!

Can I someday buy any kids I have a Tonka version of her?

And to wrap it up, one more photo of her. Be sure to note the tug next to her, you’ll be seeing more of her later…

  1. FOYEN says:

    Just a typical crane ship, that’s all!

  2. Fairlane says:

    Which makes it not ugly how? If somebody were to say “Wow, that’s a big ship!” Would you respond “that’s just a typical ULCC, that’s all.”

  3. FOYEN says:


    I dare you to find a crane ship which would look beautiful so you can say that the rest are definitely ugly compared to it.

  4. Fairlane says:

    And I dare you to find a ULCC that is so small that the rest of it look huge next to it. Get my point?

    I don’t need to find a ship that’s beautiful to compare this to, ugly is. A ship doesn’t have to be ugly in its class to be here. It just has to be ugly. Car carriers are ugly, that’s why you see them here. A lot of ferries are ugly, so are a lot of offshore vessels and modern cruise ships, and that’s why you see them here too.

    This isn’t “Ugly and the-similar-but-not-ugly Ships”, it’s “Ugly Ships”, and other crane ships with the potential to be added to the site, are ugly ships.

  5. Hi good morning warm greetings from Bangkok, I would not say that this vessel is “Ugly” she is a typical normal crane vessel, there is a lot worse looking vessels than this one.all I believe she is designed to suit her purpose. Cheers and wishing all a very Merry Christmas and Happy new Year.

  6. FOYEN says:

    Then why not to include here every FPSO and every shipwreck since they are all ugly?
    I saw only a few FPSO’s on here compared to the fleet of known ones & no shipwrecks at all. Well, guess that explains the beauty in those lucky ones that didn’t get in here.

  7. Fairlane says:

    Because it’s a blog. It’s not humanly possible to have the time to write about every single ugly ship, so we do what we can. In an ideal world, I wouldn’t run out of time, and we could include every last one. Unless you’re volunteering?

  8. swandau says:

    This was a great vessel to work on and it has the biggest sauna I’ve ever been in. The crew also fish with polyprop lines and ‘grappling’ hooks!!!

  9. kara-ALVAMA says:

    it’s my favoriet craneship, and hell I don’t understand why you post all ships with like ”Ugly”
    Every ship has it’s own charme. DEAL WITH IT!

  10. SeaBart says:

    I guess the hint is in the title of this website……

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