Dockwise Vanguard – IMO 9618783

Posted: 25 May, 2013 by SeaBart in monster, strange, ugly
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Dockwise Vanguard - IMO 9618783

Picture by lappino via



  1. Vladimir says:

    I thought it really was just a matter of time when my pic of this creature will end up on this site…:)
    Well deserved, too!
    Anyway, ugly ships need love too, so I’m glad the site is back with new photos.

  2. SeaBart says:


    My compliments for the picture, nicely captured!

  3. Vladimir says:

    Speaking of ugly ships, check HAI YANG 1 HAO, some sort of motor barge from Hong Kong (and there are more like it there), you can use the photo from…

  4. bowsprite says:

    Vladimir: you will receive the “As Seen On UglyShips!” tshirt–once they are made. Photographers might be glad. Ship designers or owners might not be.

    This is another example a little tip to beautify a ship: If it has to be ugly, paint it orange.

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