SS Ayrfield

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Picture by Jason Parker via

Picture by Jason Parker via

Something special for Christmas:

The SS Ayrfield (originally launched as SS Corrimal) was a steel-hulled, single screw, steam collier , She was built in the UK in 1911 and registered at Sydney in 1912. She was purchased by the Commonwealth Government and used to transport supplies to American troops stationed in the Pacific region during WWII.
In 1950, She was sold to Bitumen and Oil Refineries Australia Pty Ltd and in 1951 sold to the Miller Steamship Company Ltd and renamed Ayrfield. Under the Miller flag, she operated as a collier between Newcastle and Miller’s terminal in Blackwattle Bay.
in 1972 the old collier was sent to Homebush Bay for breaking-up, which at some point was stopped for no apparent reason. The hull is still located near the mouth of Haslams Creek with the bow pointing towards the shore.
Amidst the rest of the ghostly ship hulls, the Ayrfield stands out thanks to her current inhabitants, which add a bit of green to the rusty ship graveyard.

Picture via the interwebs.

Picture via the interwebs.

More information about this wreck & the other wrecks around her can be found here: The Wrecks of Homebush.

This is how she looked in het working time:

Picture via the interwebs

Picture via the interwebs

In her current condition she is a willing victim for the photographers so instead of showing them all here do yourself a favour and Google Images for her (or click).

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