EDA-R L9092

Posted: 4 May, 2014 by SeaBart in ugly
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Picture by Stéphane Saissi via www.shipspotting.com

Picture by Stéphane Saissi via http://www.shipspotting.com

  1. Vintage CCG says:

    Yet again I’m not clear on your criteria for a vessel to be an “Ugly Ship”.
    This is a French military landing craft. Exactly how esthetically pretty do you expect it should be??
    As a mariner, I see beauty in a vessel’s utility. Of course I can appreciate classic lines and balance and proportion and you have rightly shone a light on vessels that fail in those elements. Yet you also include tugs and utility craft and work platforms whose only esthetic failing seems to be that they don’t look like a 1920s Ocean Liner!
    In the case of the EDA-R L9092, if it carries military vehicles safely and efficiently from ship to shore then it’s beautiful.

  2. SeaBart says:

    I do agree with you that not all vessels can have gracious lines, also agreeing on the fact that some vessels deserve the Ugly badge more than others. This vessel is just on the edge of being called ugly and in my opinion it’s strange/quirky enought to be featured on the site. However, I do think the tag ‘ugly’ is doing it a bit injustice and should be changed to strange.

  3. bowsprite says:

    This is a very beautiful vessel! I’m glad it is on UglyShips because this is how this gem comes to grace my day. I love her. She is like a floating piece of a highway, with a truck stop galley and pilot house. I have worked on boats enough to know never to own one. However, if I were to ever to be a boat owner, I would have a landing craft. And junk-rig her.
    THEN, send it in to UglyShips!

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