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Picture by Samtmendher via

John J. Harvey

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Picture by Will van Dorp via

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Google “Tauba Auerbach flow separation” for more info, or click here.


Some more Razzle-Dazzle art ships (that I really like):

The “Snowdrop”, a ferry on the River Mersey (to start an earwurm: click here):

Picture by Barry Graham via


And the Fingal, a ‘boatique’ hotel in Leith:

Picture by sjmackay_1972 via

A2V-25-CB Clémentine

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Some moving images (AKA video):

And it’s smaller sister:

PIcture via A2V Facebook

Although the vessels looks will divide opinion I am very impressed by the technology and the advanced science that has gone into the design & building of this vessel: read more HERE.

Many thanks to Berber M. for passing on the tip for this vessel!