Ugly looking Piraty tourboats & restaurants

Posted: 14 February, 2019 by SeaBart in ugly
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Reader Elisesse made a very thorough comment on my post about Japanese Sightseeing Boats from about 10 years back and this comment was so filled with some really funky looking contraptions that I decided it deserved some more attention: please read, watch & follow the links below.


Some funny looking another galeon poseur:

Picture by Li Wai Kit via

But have you seen Turkish “pirate galeons”? especially that Barbossa Side thing:

… Sure they are visually attractive & visitors have a great time on board, but designs of each ship is just unbearably stupid & freaky. And take a very close look at rigging – an overwhelming amount of stuff done with all seriousness just for the sake of look. This one’s rigging makes feel that it was designed by someone who really had no clue in it. “A pirate tall-ship sorta… who cares? It looks as one, so?”

To have a better understanding – look for example at Poland’s “galeon” tourboats:

Picture by Stara Zientara via


Picture by Jan Roeske via

Similar fake tall ships but done with all seriousness to replicate classic galeons with all their decorations.
Slightly cartoonish but still:

Picture by Jan Roeske via

Picture by Lukasz Blaszczak via

And down to stupidity but not like in Japan or Turkey:

Picture by Jan Roeske via

Picture by Jan Roeske via

Some “pirate galeons” from US – these are a series of same design, simplistic shapes of hull & decorations, kinda cute/elegant actually!

Silly cute!


And one more:

Picture by Rob Renes via


Thanks Elisesse. You struck some UglyShips gold there!
You do have to wonder what some of these designers were thinking..or smoking.


  1. Elisesse says:

    This should be definitely featured on your site as a continuation of the Piraty boats saga:
    Very interesting looking at those photos in full size – very serious done freestyle rigging as on other such ships, for example.

  2. bowsprite says:

    Fascinating, they somehow look like they came from being beached and stripped at Alang Shipbreaking Yard and were refloated, which gives them a rather indefatigable air.

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