Posted: 28 November, 2019 by SeaBart in strange
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Picture by BR_Reef via


This does look very much like an updated version of the Iron Sirius, AKA the “Thalidomide Ship”.

If you have no clue about what I’m talking about: please click below picture to follow the original post about the Iron Sirius from July 2009.

Picture via the Interwebs

  1. PJ Han says:

    I understand your reference to Thalidomide, but you might want to rethink it in this context.
    It’s pretty insensitive to make a joking reference to shortened limbs of malformed children, to ridicule the appearance of a ship.

  2. SeaBart says:

    See my remark on the other post: not my idea, ship was nicknamed that in the 60’s/70’s.

  3. jorgemolinaherrera says:

    She looks like a fat man with microcephaly …

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