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Gulf Livestock 1 – IMO 9262883

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picture by Tony des Landes via

This is how the vessel used to look before the conversion to cattle carrier:

Picture by Ivan Meshkov via

On the 2nd of september 2020 this vessel and 40 of its 43 crewmembers went missing in the East China Sea during a typhoon, three crewmembers were later found alive on the location of the sinking, unfortunately one of them died after being rescued.

I “discovered” this ugly looking vessel earlier in the year and hadn’t posted it yet.
I did think long & hard about what to do with this one and I decided to post it anyway.

Let this be a small monument to the memory of the seafarers who sailed on this vessel & are still missing at sea, and as a general reminder to how ugly the shipping industry can be.

May all rest in peace and lots of strength to the family & friends of the deceased & missing crew.

More on this disastrous event can be found on the various news channels on the internet.